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Landing Pages

A website is simply a tool to help grow your business.  Many companies spend too much money and time upfront and focus on the small details to get their site built.


Let us help build your website through our proven result driven themes and layouts, to allow you to focus on what matters; getting leads and sales.

Email Marketing

From email automations converting subscribers into buyers through re-engaging your past customers to custom cart abandonment sequences, we can create an email marketing strategy that will monetize your email list.

Don't have an email list? Not a problem! We can create a lead generation right for your business. You can get thousand of high quality subscribers in no time.

E-Commerce Solution

Allow us to build out a custom funnel to build your business.  Tired of spending marketing dollars and not getting a return over the long run?  

Building the proper funnel sequence, allowing you to maximize your marketing efforts will increase your Return on Investment over time. From upsell, to down and cross selling to an automated smart email sequence we have a method that works across many industries.

Facebook Marketing

As marketers, when done properly, we believe there is no better way to use data to get traffic to your site and to garner sales than Facebook.  Getting cold audience to warm audiences, to retargeting, we use a proven process to maximize your ROI. 


There is a lot more to Facebook advertising than just creating an ad and boosting your ad spend.  Let us show you how.


If you are a product company, diversifying   your sales channel is key to your success.  Use Amazon correctly, and your sales will increase.  In addition to owning your sales and customers through your website, Amazon will compliment your sales efforts and help move inventory, freeing up some cash flow.

Let us set up your product pages that their easy to find for customers and set up the Amazon PPC ads that will bring you the best return on ad spend possible


About Foy Commerce


Foy Commerce was created and founded by a PGA Professional, Brian Foy out of the basic premise to help golf companies survive in this ever-changing sales ecosystem we face every day.  There is so much change happening out there with e-commerce and digital marketing in today’s business environment, companies are getting more and more confused with what direction to go in.  Foy Commerce wants to help our partners drown out the noise and create a logical business approach to create growth and acquire customers for their business.  We have set out not to be another marketing test short term, but rather offer a service and expertise that will be a long term relationship and solution.  


Foy Commerce brings with it a wealth of knowledge and experience and has worked with many brands within the golf industry on a national level.  Our difference  and what separates us from a Marketing Group, is that we have actually spent our own advertising dollars on marketing while building these brands and have tested National, Regional and Local Golf Channel TV Spots, magazines, PR Firms, hiring independent reps, sales managers internally and even landing large national retail orders from PGA Tour Superstore and more.  The golf industry is now at an interesting and crossroad of what used to work and what now works.  Golf Companies continue to practice the same growth strategies over and over again, expecting a different result.  


What we want to do with your company, is walk you through our strategy.  With millions of dollars of Facebook ad spend, and millions sold digitally we can show and share our best practices to enable your products to thrive in the digital space.  With the right product and offer, we can create some great business and open doors to more revenue streams, whiling owning the process and customer and not renting a model from some email list or media buy you might have done in the past.  We have sold over 900 of one training aids at a $79 price point in 1 month, 500 plus drivers in one month at $300 from a failing golf club company who had spent $2.5 million on marketing and growth and traditional methods such as John Daly.   How can we do this?  See below our and let us walk you through the process.